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We previously wrote about California Senate Bill 206, the “Fair Pay to Play Act,” back in April, 和 now Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed that bill into law.[1] The law becomes effective 上 January 1, 2023. After numerous revisions to the bill since our last post, 这里 is a quick look at the final product. … 继续阅读


本周,美国第九巡回上诉法院加入了大多数上诉法院,这些法院拒绝了对律师费裁决的严格测试,而希望在地方法院进行灵活的裁量。第九巡回法院在“辛烷值前”健身裁决中为诉讼人提供了安全的避风港:仅在以下情况下才收取费用:… 继续阅读

No Protection for Network Marketing Provider That Had Knowledge 和 Authority to Control Deceptive Conduct of Affiliates

在美国联邦贸易委员会诉LeadClick Media,LLC,2016年美国申请案中。第二巡回法院LEXIS 17383(2016年2月2日)最近裁定,联属网络营销网络提供商可能根据联邦贸易委员会法(以下简称“ FTC法案”)对联属网络营销发布的欺骗性营销材料承担责任。它还得出结论认为,… 继续阅读


2016年2月25日,国家法律顾问办公室(以下简称“ SCLAO”)发布了《中华人民共和国反不正当竞争法》(“ AUCL”)修正案(“草案修正案”),以征求业界和其他利益相关方的意见。 1993年AUCL的第5条提供了针对经营者针对不当交易行为提出索赔的依据,涉及涉及滥用和盗用… 继续阅读

Bitcoins 和 Liability in the Wake of Recent Silk Road Arrests

在线市场“丝绸之路”上据称卖家罗伯特·法伊拉(Robert Faiella)和初创公司BitInstant的首席执行官查理·史瑞姆(Charlie Shrem)最近的逮捕[1]标志着最近一轮针对政府所称“崛起”的一系列执法行动人们使用密码控制的数字货币比特币来进行犯罪活动[2]。[3]的逮捕… 继续阅读

与NPE粘合’s –加州《民事诉讼法》第1030条规定的对费用或支出的安全性要求

A little used 和 often overlooked provision of the California Code of Civil Procedure recently played an important role in three recent cases brought by AF Holdings LLC, a foreign entity formed under the laws of the Federation of Saint Kitts 和 Nevis, against California residents for allegedly dealing with copyright infringing content through use … 继续阅读

Federal Circuit Avoids Central Joint Infringement Question 和 Articulates New Standard For Inducement

丹尼斯·史密斯(Dennis Smith),马丁·巴德(Martin Bader),格雷·布古格罗斯(Grey Buccigross)在2012年8月31日,联邦巡回法院在开庭的情况下发布了一项具有重大意义的分案裁定,阐明了一项新的诱导侵权标准。裁决两个伴随案件,Akamai Technologies,Inc.诉Limelight Networks Inc.和McKesson Technologies,Inc.诉Epic Systems Corp.(联邦法院,第2009-1372号,-1380号,-1416号,-1417号) ,… 继续阅读

第二巡回挖掘卢布丁争议;发现“Red Sole”可商标保护,但范围有限

通过  Tyler Baker and Ted Max On September 5, 2012, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit issued its long-awaited 和 highly anticipated decision in Christian 卢布丁 S.A.诉Yves Saint Laurent Am。 Holding,Inc.案卷号11-3303-cv。第二巡回法院推翻了下级法院的判决,部分认为克里斯蒂安·卢布丁(Christian 卢布丁)’s “red outsole” trademark was … 继续阅读


通过 埃德温·科门(Edwin Komen) 和 Brian Weimer New 联邦通信委员会 regulations 上 closed captioning of IP-delivered video programming have caught many by surprise even though they have been in the works for the past two years. Many of those who will be directly impacted by the new rules may still be unaware of the rapidly approaching compliance … 继续阅读

Supreme Court Holds That a 法 of Nature Applied Using Known 和 Obvious Steps Is Not Patent Eligible

通过 Kevin Capps On March 20, 2012, the Supreme Court issued its much-anticipated decision in Mayo Collaborative Services, DBA Mayo Medical Laboratories, et al. v. Prometheus Laboratories, Inc., with potentially far-reaching ramifications for pharmaceutical 和 biotechnology companies, particularly those developing diagnostic methods 和 assays.… 继续阅读

数字媒体法律论坛– Fall 2010

在数字世界中建立品牌建立更好的捕鼠器,小部件或搜索引擎’t enough. Join leading branding professionals 和 trademark counsel for an in-depth discussion of how to build a compelling brand, including 上line brand development strategies as well as best practices regarding brand protection 和 enforcement in both the actual 和 virtual … 继续阅读


2009年6月29日,州长施瓦辛格签署加利福尼亚法律’s Electronic Discovery Act, which is effective immediately. All discovery propounded or responded to must now comply with the new law. These rules are very similar to the recent revisions to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, 和 bring California in line with the federal e-discovery … 继续阅读

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